Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weeds, Wishing, and Wood Weary

Weeds: I spent sometime in the garden today. I hadn't done much weeding this year because it's been so damp and dreary. Then suddenly I realized that the weeds weren't waiting for a sunny day to grow so I'd better not wait for one to yank them out! I got my large back bed done, one half of my front beds done...and then fatigue hit. I'm hoping for decent weather tomorrow so that I can finish up the second front bed and the "little" beds around the yard.

Wishing: I'm still hoping for success in the veggie garden this year. But because I tend to have clay and more weeds than actual weed pulling energy I've decided to give Square Foot Gardening a try. The website was intriguing enough to get hubby to make the squares for me but I decided that before starting I really needed to get the book. I've just started reading it and I'm very hopeful that this will help me start a "manageable" size garden. I'll keep you posted.

Wood: I'm still making screen doors. And have several orders for more. It's keeping me busy but I'm really enjoying the learning process. I've found a great woodworkers site: Lumberjocks and this has been a wonderful place to get advice when things go wrong! I've had fun posting all my trials and tribulations there. Here's a look at my last two doors.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Insanity and the Love of Flowers

I am trying to find time again to get back into the blogging "loop".  It's hard to find time though.  But I will keep trying!  I never stopped believing that I would come back to blogging and to my friends and eventually be able to find a balance to my life again.  Just bear with me as I do.

So, forgive me my absence...and now on to the flowers!  Those of you lucky southern gardeners are enjoying your lush spring blooms while I lovingly await every single daffodil but I don't begrudge you (much~LOL). 

I've made my first visit to the Backyard Farmer for the season.  As usual I found Brian just before closing for the night.  He was headed out to a home show that they take part in every year.  This is the second year he has encouraged us to stop in and visit his booth and the second year...we just couldn't make it!  Aw, it's awful how badly we wanted to go but with the lights and crowd it might've been too much for our daughter.  So we hemmed and hawwed about going but in the end we just didn't want to risk it.  Ofcourse, despite my excitement over getting fresh mulch from Brian...the kids were more excited about Claire the dog!  And she seemed just as happy to see people.  It's sad when even the animals are suffering from "Cabin Fever".

Last year's veggie garden was a devastating disaster (late frost, lack of time, aggressive weeds) but I will not give up!  So I am planting seeds once again.  I'm a bit later than everyone else but...Time hasn't been on my side.  I've decided that it's not about obtaining a perfect garden.  After all, I'm NOT P. Allen Smith!  Nor am I Norm Abrams...but that doesn't mean I can't try, right?  And in that spirit I thought I'd show off some of my latest Rustic Garden additions.  I've begun making Rustic Screen Doors and have had quite a few people ask to buy one from me.  It's a great stress reliever for me when I can't be out in the garden (which is only about 6-7 months out of the year).  I hope your enjoying your spring and I hope to blog again soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Harris Seeds urges me back to the Garden!

After what could arguably be the most difficult year of my life I think I may be ready to rejoin the "rest of the world". My daughter's Epilepsy diagnosis nearly a year ago sent me into a bit of a tailspin. It seemed like living in the Twilight Zone. While she doesn't have good seizure control yet we are working towards the goal.
I was just beginning to think that maybe it's time to reconnect with those forgotten hobbies when I got a gift in the mail...My Harris Seeds Catalog. I thumbed through the pages and began thinking, "This year's garden will be better!" (Well, after the horrible results last year it couldn't be much worse!) Then just this morning Harris Seeds sent me a second gift...An e-mail invitation to a Seed Starting Seminar!
After watching this seminar I was impressed! While I knew (or thought I knew) most of the steps in seed starting this seminar answered all the "Why?" 's. I found it to be a wonderful, comprehensive, easy to understand, and thoroughly enjoyable seminar! So if you have some time (it is quite legnthy--in a good way) I highly recommend a visit to Harris Seeds if not for the seminar then for their seeds!