Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Insanity and the Love of Flowers

I am trying to find time again to get back into the blogging "loop".  It's hard to find time though.  But I will keep trying!  I never stopped believing that I would come back to blogging and to my friends and eventually be able to find a balance to my life again.  Just bear with me as I do.

So, forgive me my absence...and now on to the flowers!  Those of you lucky southern gardeners are enjoying your lush spring blooms while I lovingly await every single daffodil but I don't begrudge you (much~LOL). 

I've made my first visit to the Backyard Farmer for the season.  As usual I found Brian just before closing for the night.  He was headed out to a home show that they take part in every year.  This is the second year he has encouraged us to stop in and visit his booth and the second year...we just couldn't make it!  Aw, it's awful how badly we wanted to go but with the lights and crowd it might've been too much for our daughter.  So we hemmed and hawwed about going but in the end we just didn't want to risk it.  Ofcourse, despite my excitement over getting fresh mulch from Brian...the kids were more excited about Claire the dog!  And she seemed just as happy to see people.  It's sad when even the animals are suffering from "Cabin Fever".

Last year's veggie garden was a devastating disaster (late frost, lack of time, aggressive weeds) but I will not give up!  So I am planting seeds once again.  I'm a bit later than everyone else but...Time hasn't been on my side.  I've decided that it's not about obtaining a perfect garden.  After all, I'm NOT P. Allen Smith!  Nor am I Norm Abrams...but that doesn't mean I can't try, right?  And in that spirit I thought I'd show off some of my latest Rustic Garden additions.  I've begun making Rustic Screen Doors and have had quite a few people ask to buy one from me.  It's a great stress reliever for me when I can't be out in the garden (which is only about 6-7 months out of the year).  I hope your enjoying your spring and I hope to blog again soon.


Apple said...

It's great to see you posting again. I can't help you with veggies but I have plenty of flowers if you want some.

CJ said...

I'm hoping to get back in the swing. Just have to do things that keep me "available" all the time. Speaking of your beautiful gave me some great flowers for my Adirondack Fire Garden(see 6/16/08)...WHAT WERE THEY? I need more to balance out the other side but I can't remember their name! See, nothing ever changes with me...I can't remember anything! But I'm so glad that I haven't forgotten you or your invaluable friendship!!!

Anonymous said...

That screen door is beautiful. Do you sell on the web?


CJ said...

Thank you! I've completed a few more since then. I haven't started selling them on the web but it's a thought...for down the road. I am a bit leery about the whole shipping thing.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

pretty little daffodils