Our Reasons

Family has always been a precious gift to me.  I realized very young that it's also very fragile.  So I live everyday with one motto in mind ~
Have no regrets later...Tell them You love them Now!

This Motto became even more important to me after my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  Epilepsy is one of those challenges that doesn't just effect the person experiencing a seizure but it also effects the entire family who live each day with the constant fear and the awful memories.  I have learned so much about Epilepsy and the strength of my family.  I have become a Parent Advocate, a Volunteer, and an Outspoken Epilepsy Awareness Activist... and  I became very stressed (as most parents of differently abled children do) until the day that Epilepsy and my loving husband gave me a gift that changed my life.

While enjoying a family day I saw a carving and said, "I could do that."  A day later my hubby gave me the gift of everything I needed to try it myself.  He showed off a picture of my first door at work and came home with an order for another door...and then another.  I found that carving was a great way to clear my mind, to relieve the stress and anxiety, to enjoy myself and bring joy to others. 

Please take time to learn about Epilepsy and more importantly take the time to...
Tell them You love them Now!

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