Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the Garden ~ Again!

OK, it's been forever since I blogged about the garden.  I was really inspired to get North Country Rustics on it's feet.  But now I feel I need some balance in my life.  I love working on carvings but I do that down in the dark workshop, hidden away from the sun, for hours on end.  It's time to step into the sunshine and make my gardens shine again.  Balance (not an easy concept for me but I will try).

And apparently it's not that easy for Mother Nature either.  Here in the North Country we went from winter to summer, back to winter, then finally a day or two of spring.  Yikes!  Despite the weather I have ventured into the garden a couple times already and imagine my dismay when I found this on my young Maple!
Just the sight of these few spots startled me!  What Could they be?
 So I headed across the yard to my other young maple.  We had planted these a couple years ago and while the first flourished the second fumbled along.  But I still have hope for it.  At least I did until I got there and saw this...
Time to Investigate these Red Spores!
 Off to Google I go!  Within a few minutes I had decided that these were Maple Gall Mites.  Most sites say that they don't harm the tree and they are a purely cosmetic issue.  But these leaves look deformed to me.  They certainly seem to be destructive to the tree.  I think I'll call Cornell Co-Op Extension.  See what the real experts have to say.  

In other Garden Areas, the beds have been prepared.  Just need a little weed control in the walkways.  (Always need weed control in the walkways ~ If only my Maples were as hardy as those weeds!)  I do love my Rustic Garden.  I love growing foods for our family.  Happiness looks like a waiting Garden!

Raised Garden Beds ~ Just like the Great Camps of the Adirondacks!  How Lucky I am!

Still have to add some nutrients and some peat moss...and Weed the Walkways!

But this little fella won't wait for all the good stuff!  He's survived from last year! Love Strawberries!

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