Sunday, July 18, 2010

How does your Garden Grow?

Thanks for asking! LOL. My garden is doing very well. Finally! It seems like all the local veggie gardens are way ahead of mine. But I keep reminding myself that they all planted early because we had an unseasonably warm, sunny, and beautiful spring. I was unable to plant until May 27th. So I'm not really behind...everyone else's gardens are early! Hey, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Still, I am pleased with most of my garden. The peppers went into a bit of transfer shock but they are starting to come around. Cailey's Science Fair Beans have produced their first green beans.
Doesn't she look proud?

In our "high rise" (the really deep raised beds) the corn is growing very quickly now. The Potatoes, Onions and Carrots also seem to be very happy. I'm very curious to see what the harvest will look like. We've never tried potatoes and onions so it's all very new. Meanwhile, we've never had a successful corn crop and last year our carrots were very short because they needed a deeper bed. So, this year we're keeping our fingers crossed!

The lettuce was planted in small batches to ensure a longer more even harvest but as you can see the first batch looks really nice. And it taste really wonderful in our homemade buffalo chicken wraps and it made an excellent green bean salad with dijon vinegar dressing. Yum!

The cucumbers are starting to flower which is a good thing. But they began to cling to each other. Twisting around each other. So I decided that the cucumbers needed a trellis to climb. I kind of like how it looks. Hopefully, they're "cling" to the new supports the way they were clinging to each other.

After picking Cailey's Beans I realized that the "bush" beans I planted were climbing up the "beans" sign. So I decided to give them new trellis supports too.

I've already harvested our first round of radishes. To which my greedy hubby started rubbing his hands greedily, "Rosy Radish Relish." So having just enough for one batch I guess I know what I'm supposed to do! Then he asked how many radish seeds we still had. I showed him the nearly full envelope and his evil brain formulated a new plan. One that ended with me and Shan planting all of the seeds in every available unused bit of dirt. I figure that we planted over 300!

Not to be outdone my flower beds are being very showy as well. The Daylilies are simply beautiful and making arrangements with them is quite fun.


wej said...

nice. =)

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Bonnie said...

You can tell summer is here by visiting other blogs. Everyone seems to be posting pics of their vegetable plants and they all look so good.

thyme2garden said...

Your sfg beds look really neat and tidy, and everything is growing so well in them! I just found your blog by bloghopping, and so glad that I did. 300 radishes? How will you eat them all? My boyfriend doesn't like radishes and he wrinkled his nose at me when I planted just 8 seeds last month.

CJ said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

Bonnie~Summer is definitely finally hit CNY, now watch everything wilt in the heat! LOL.

thyme2garden~There is no way I can eat that many radishes~so I found a great Radish Relish! I bet your boyfriend would love radishes on his hot dogs!

Landscaping Minnesota said...

yes very nice..!plants are very important for a healthy life...i am very glad to see your of luck..