Monday, January 28, 2008

Gardening: My Wannabe Style

Everybody who gardens has a gardening style. I love the overgrown look of rustic country gardens. The haphazard way the garden seems to grow wild. Every garden bed I plan is intended to have that old fashioned look. I say "intended" because it never actually happens. As I plant I always end up leaving a bit of working room around each plant for weeding and what not. So I'm always left with the feeling of close but not quite what I was dreaming of. I have tons of gardening books and magazines to continually tell me how to get the look I'm desiring but still I just can't crowd my plants. My favorite example of a book that has me continually saying "I want that" is more of a photo archive then a how to book but it's still my favorite gardening book. It's a bit of history, a bit of nature, a bit of exploring, and a lot of gardening inspiration. I can drool over it's photos for hours and I've owned this book for two years! The gardens featured in this book are exactly what I want when I dream of a rustic garden to surrouding my log home. Now, to overcome my crowding phobia.

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey ... I want that look too !
I have a lot of "native" and "drought tolerant" plants in my garden .. loads of different cone flowers .. Joe Pye .. Black Snake Root .. I won't go into the correct botanical names .. I know you know what I am taking about .. Anise Hyssop is a favorite .. loads of herbs ..
My garden is more like a "potage" style garden .. but lacking fullness yet .. so I am working on that ..
I just want plants up to my eyeballs ! haha
Joy : )