Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Garden Interest

On the shores of the Great Lakes the wind always blows! In the hot summer garden the constant breeze is refreshing, welcomed. However, in the days of snow and cold that same breeze is bone chilling, despised. Yet an interesting phenomenon has occured in the snowy windswept areas surrounding my little corner of the world. Snow balls. No. not the kind made by rambunctious children or Peter Pan-like men who seem never to grow up. No, we've been blessed with naturally made snowballs. It's quite intersting to see these littering playgrounds, farmer's fields and my Aunt's lawn (as seen here). I'm not sure this is quite gardening but... with this much snow it's nice to see anything interesting in the garden.


Apple said...

The blog looks great! I can still see the tops of my butterfly bushes but that's it.

CountryGirl said...

Your blog does look great! I may have to try that seed staring myself. Apple has had great luck and I tried a few things last year that encouraged me. Wasn't the snowball phenomenon great?! We had a bunch of people over that night and when everyone left we were all like kids out there marveling at it! As you visit other blogs and leave a post, most will come and check out your blog. Those that find an interest keep coming back to visit. Wouldn't a blog be great for the club?