Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dirt + Water + Seeds = 3 Smiley Faces

There is magic in the ...DIRT? Yeah! The Jiffy Peat Pellets may be an excellent way to start seeds but if your looking to get your kids hooked on gardening then "inflatable dirt" may be the best money ever spent! It was an awesome science experiment and a weird wonder of the world all at the same time. We got our hands a little dirty. Everyone had a part to play. The youngest (AKA: Wild Child) was in charge of placing the dry pellets into the tray. The middle child (AKA: Bear) added the water. And the oldest (AKA: Garden Girl) planted the seeds. You gotta love teamwork. BTW, if your wondering what I did...jeez...I dunno! What fun we had.
We got a good start today but we need more pellets. If it stops snowing I might run out tomorrow and get some. If I have time and energy. Why would I be running low on time and energy? Well...because today, before we could plant seeds, we needed to make a trip to Urgent Care. Given recent events you might be thinking that Garden Girl had given us another scare but you'd be wrong. No this time it was Bear and after a chest x-ray and some swabbing the doc determined that he has the flu. That's just what I needed! Upon coming home I took the temps of the girls and yes they have it too. Given Garden Girl's condition we need to keep her from having even a slightly above normal temperature as this can trigger another seizure. Like I wasn't worried before! Motrin, Tylenol, Thermometers, and Caffeine are my friends! And as long as I'm talking about friends:
To all of you who have been so wonderful and supportive,
Who have sent your best wishes and your prayers,
Who have given us your friendship during troubled times,
Thank You!


Anna--Flowergardengirl said...

OH my!! You do have your hands full. I know you must be exhausted. Your project with the kids looks it went wonderfully. Both my kids had the flu and even though they are grown, I worried about them. Best wishes your way and lots of mom hugs too.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Bless your heart! What a tough time for this to happen. You will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I hope your children recover quickly and without incident. Those smiles really reflect the good time you had!

Kerri said...

Goodness, what a time you've had! I hope and pray the kids get better fast. That looks like a fun project for them...judging by those cute smiles.

Apple said...

Those are not the faces of sick kids so you must be doing something right! I hope they all have the short version of the flu that is going around and that they are all better soon. I haven't checked the radar this morning but I hope it is as sunny there as it is here this morning! Inflatable dirt looks like fun and less messy than the regular stuff, I'll have to pick some up for kids night.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Those are HAPPY little faces even with all the recent turmoil they are HAPPY kids.
Try to do some things just for yourself as well, don't forget .. the mom needs a little TLC when ever possible too !
Hang in there CJ .. Spring is coming eventually .. right ? LOL
Good luck with the little ones .. kids and seedlings !

Anonymous said...

Our youngest daughter had febrile seizures. The first one almost killed her. She's old enough that at the time Advil was by prescription. It works very well for her even now that she's almost 15. If you're not able to keep the fever under control you can ask about alternating Tylenol with Advil every two or three hours. I still remember very clearly how scary 103.9 is as my daughter just got over the flu too. I hope the kids get over this quickly and that you don't catch it.