Friday, March 7, 2008

Matchmakers Guide to Vegetables

I'll admit that I'm a matchmaker at heart. I love to see everything paired off. People. Pets. And now even my plants. I have been intrigued with the idea of Companion Planting ever since a Seeds of Change Newsletter filled me in on it's many wonders. While many people have practiced this form of gardening for many years it is a new concept to me. Yet it is one that I was instantly attracted to. Maybe because I prefer not to use chemicals. I refuse to use any insecticides in my gardening. I have small children who still occasionally put odd items into their mouths. I would be so worried if a leaf that I coated with insecticide in the morning ended up in my 3 year olds mouth in the afternoon. And Companion Planting can reduce the need for such chemicals. Don't believe me?

Leeks: Enemy #1 Onion Fly and Leek Moth.
Carrots: Enemy #1 Carrot Fly.
Here's the Matchmaker Magic: Once paired together the smell of the Leeks repel the Carrot Fly AND the smell of the Carrots repels the Onion and Leek Moth. I told you it was magic! No chemicals necessary. But how do you know how to make a Successful Match? Below I've attached a starter's guide to Matchmaking. While the guide is very basic you might find it helpful when questioning which plants will make a successful match. (Y for yes N for No)


Connie said...

You would probably like the book I'm reading now...called 'Great Garden Companions' by Sally Jean Cunningham.

Curtis said...

Really a good idea and only makes sense that some plants naturally do go together. Like Corn, pole beans and squash.

Meems said...

Robbin: This is something I am very interested in and your chart will come in handy as I am learning about how to garden with veggies.
Thanks for taking the time to chart this.

Meems @HoeandShovel

Anna said...

That is excellent information-thank you. I saved it to a file to reference. I like Marigolds with tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Love your chart!!! Wish I weren't such a Luddite, or I'd save it to a file like Anna. "Great Garden Companions" is a great book, and of course Louise Riotte was a companion planting pioneer with her "Carrots Love Tomatoes" and the like. But nothing beats in-garden experience to see what works for you! Great blog too, by the way!

robbinscabin said...

Connie~Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll be sure to get my hands on it.

Curtis~I love the idea because of my dislike for insecticides. We just don't need any more chemicals in or on our we?

Meems~Glad I could help you out. I love charts because (quite frankly) I have NO memory. So I print out my charts and stick them in my garden journal so that I have a quick guide handy-all the time.

Anna~I have a hard time believing that you didn't already know all that stuff but I'm still glad you enjoyed it. LOL.

OurfriendBen~Thanks for stopping by! And I'm glad you enjoyed the info. With 2 book recommendations it looks like I need to go to the bookstore quick!