Monday, March 17, 2008

The Snow Recedes and the Cold Continues

The snow has begun to melt in spots around my cabin today but the cold has set it and it's bitter. I can see a bit of my garden and a lot of the clean up that I have to do. But I'm having a hard time concentrating on the garden right now.

We've received the results of Garden Girl's EEG. The EEG measures seizure activity in the brain. Unfortunately, her results were highly abnormal with 13 instances of seizure activity in 60 minutes. This is the same girl that we thought was perfectly healthy a month ago! I've started a new blog as a place for her and I to keep track of our thoughts as we begin this long journey: Seize the Day...A Child's Way.

In the mean time, I intend to celebrate any signs of spring. Such as melting snow and the return of the Robins! Yeah, they've finally come home~at least that's what hubby says. I haven't seen them yet. And the deer are back in the fields. There is even some sunshine today. It won't be long until spring really begins and I can't wait!


Anna said...

OH my--that is so tough to handle. I'm sorry about the seizures. You seem to be looking on the brighter side and hoping for some warm weather to cheer your spirits. I would send you some if I could!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Your post title perfectly describes the weather here in NS, too -- receding snow and continuing cold.

Your daughter's test results must have been a great concern to you, but there are so many wonderful meds these days that hopefully, her seizures can be brought under control. Continuing to wish you all the best with that. My 16 mo old grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in December, so I know a little of your worry. Hang in there.

CJ said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. We are hopeful that medicine will help and that we can find one with minimal side effects but we still have some to go through more testing before we can even consider meds. As for now we're just playing the waiting game...
Thanks again for all you continued support.

GardenJoy4Me said...

CJ .. Moms are the rock when this sort of thing happens. Sometimes you have to let go and have a good scream or cry .. it clears all the pent up emotions for a bit .. might even clear the sinuses ? LOL
I understand a bit of how you are feeling .. so feel free to let loose when you need to ?
Drope a line .. unload .. or what ever you want ..