Friday, March 21, 2008

Forking in the Garden

Last year I discovered that a good Garden Fork is much easier for me to use than a shovel. The second I realized the true value of a Garden Fork I was hooked. I would go nowhere without this handy-dandy garden tool. But the garden fork I was using had been a hand-me-down tool and I managed to crack the wooden handle. My husband spent the remainder of the day calling me a "Brute" and laughing his butt off at me as I struggled with the Shovel (yuck!).

So then he took mercy on me and he found another old garden fork in the basement. I used the garden fork for weeks. Me & My Garden Fork. It was a wonderful arrangement until I heard that dreadful creak. Then a CRACK. Then "BRUTE!!!" And then laughter!

I was devestated. Thus, a search began for a garden fork that was unbreakable! I refused to look at any with wooden handles (I just couldn't handle anymore of his laughter!). Summer turned to fall, and fall into winter, and still no fork to be found. Finally spring arrived and I felt hopeful. I began the search yet again. I checked Lowes, Wal-Mart, K-Mart. Oh they all had garden forks but were they unbreakable? I had my doubts. So I searched on...and on...

At last I've found the Garden Fork I've been dreaming of. Where did I find this wonderous tool: Big Lots (baby!) for $15.00! Made of metal (even the handle) I doubt even the Brute could break this Gardening Fork!

And LOOK at the width of the handle! I can easily place both my hands side by side! And a place for my foot to fit "into" the fork. And there is a very wide foot plate too. But despite it's many obvious attributes there is one major flaw in it's design...Can you find the flaw?

It's PURPLE! While I'm fine with the color...Hubby vows NEVER to touch my Garden Fork. Which means I'll be the only one doing all the Forking in The Garden.


CountryGirl said...

I'm back up an running...horray! Love your new garden fork but it's not problem that hubby won't use it since it's purple, he can use the shovel you don't like! Knowing you, you will have him out there digging before he knows what happened!

Larkspur said...

I love it I am making a visit to Big Lots Never know what I will find there. Several weeks ago bought 2 beautiful gazing balls. One blue and one silver.

GardenJoy4Me said...

I have NEVER seen a garden fork like THAT ! .. I would love one too ! .. we don't have that store here .. but I'll keep an eye open for something as close to that as possible .. I have broken shovels .. long handled ones that I made BOW ? .. and then SNAP !! .. hubby never called me "brute" .. just STUBBORN ! LOL

Michelle said...

Love it!! I will have to make a trip to Big Lots myself. Maybe I will get lucky and find one too. I have never used a garden fork but I keep reading great things about these unique tools.