Sunday, March 9, 2008

Raving Lunatic~Please Ignore

I've already admitted that I am a Raving Lunatic today so please feel free to ignore this bit.

The End of the World Manifesto

I woke up this morning to yet another snowy day. The weatherman had predicted five inches yet we had received a foot! I could be upset with the weatherman because if anyone else failed to do his job correctly he would be fired but predicting the weather is not easy. Or so they tell us. Yet, I am not vexed with this man. After all, how can you possibly predict THE END OF THE WORLD!

That's right people! Unbeknownst, to us all, the World is coming to an End! Look around...does the person next to you feel dread at nearing the window? Is there a sense of hopelessness, restlessness, fear, and unease? That is the very cores of our beings shouting out that all is not right with the world. "How long can this continue?" we ask outloud. And quietly from the deepest part of our psyche we hear the answer that we hope is untrue: "Forever."

How long can we ignore the signs? The birds wander aimlessly north then south in a state of fear and confusion! The wildlife has returned to hibernation at a time when they would begin their search for food! The human species emerges from their shelter for the necessities only. These are just a few of the reasons that I am ringing the End of the World Alarm Bell!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Girl ... and you don't even live in Canada ! ... at least ? you can see your back steps !! haha
Joy of the freezing north

lintys said...

I'm sorry!

The snow has melted here and that has eased my lunacy!

Anna said...

I felt that way when we lived in North Dakota. I thought summer would never end cause it was light out till midnight and hot as ever. Then I thought winter was never going to end cause it started in August and ended in May. But I grew great stuff there cause the sun was shining forever during the summer.

robbinscabin said...

I noticed a lot of "northern" blogs yesterday that we're all basically screams of dismay at the winter weather. It is so good not to be the only Lunatic!