Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Okay, so maybe I am being a bit dramatic but this the first time I've seen any sign of "garden" in well over 3 months! And it's ALIVE! Could this day get any better? But wait there's more? I don't believe it... Yes it's true signs of life in the greenhouse too!

PS~ My mom is mad at me because she lives in the woods and her gardens look like this:

HeeeHeee! Oh, I mean, jeez that's too bad, Mom! LOL!

I think I've been disinherited!


GardenJoy4Me said...

You really had to post this ... didn't you !
Winter storm warning ...... BIG sigh ......... that is all i seem to be able to spout off now .. LOL !
PS .. Sophie is my mental health manager by the way .. she does consultations too !

Apple said...

This is so unfair. My snow still covers the lower half of my front windows! I'm not even down to driveway mud yet and I haven't started any seeds:( Isn't the snow supposed to be worse where you live!?
LOL I'm glad you've got green inside and out.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Yea! You have sprouting seeds! That was pretty fast germination. What is it?

Cabs said...

WooHoo! Isn't it so exciting to see the green points poking their heads up thru the old dead leaves? What could be better!?
found you thru blotanical...stop by for a visit!

Anna said...

Looks like you can grow life! And your poor mom--I do not like snow and glad I live in the South with lots of bugs. Well, maybe not the bug part.

robbinscabin said...

Joy~You can't be that far behind me. LOL. Let me know the second you get anything green.

Apple~It's part of the joy of living in an old cow field. The wind pushes the snow onto someone else's property. Then with just a day or two of sun I'm lucky enough to find my mud.

Robin~The first seeds that sprouted were the African Daisys. How fun for my daughter who picked them!

CABS~Thanks for the invite. I'll stop by for a visit!

Anna~I love your gardens and I'd probably even like your bugs BUT I'd rather have snow over snakes anyday!