Monday, March 24, 2008

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Peppers...

After some dedicated gardener spent hours toiling away in the dirt planting the seeds, praying for sunshine, and protecting them from varmits! Yet, does the gardener get any recognition for the vital role that they played? No the only thing remembered is:

Peter Piper Picked
a Peck of Peppers,
Peter Piper Picked
a Peck of Peppers,
Peter Piper Picked
a Peck of Peppers!

Well, Peter just better stay away from my garden because if I see his grubby little hands on my precious peppers I might just get violent! I have just planted Burpee's Signature Big Dipper variety of sweet peppers. I find myself very being very protective over my little pepper plants (and they haven't even sprouted yet!). I have to ask myself why I am so emotionally connected to these tiny little pepper seeds. Maybe it's because of those childhood memories that flood back when I see the seed packets.

In my childhood home a Pepper seed packet meant only one thing to me...Pepper Relish! Mom's homemade pepper relish would make any plain-jane meal into a tasty treat! I realize now that my children have had this extrordinary treat only occassionally!!! I have done my children a grave disservice and this is the year that I WILL rectify the situation!

I vow this is the year when I fill my cupboards with the tasty treat and that we have stuffed peppers on a regular basis! This is the year when we mix fresh peppers in our meatloaf! This is the YEAR!
So if I am seen softly crooning love songs to a flat of soil with no obvious signs of life do not think me a mad woman! For I am the dedicated gardener upon which Peter Piper depends!


Nancy J. Bond said...

How beautiful. I love peppers -- my daughter used to eat them like an apple when she was little. :)

Dave said...

Hmm, I think I planted the same variety! My tomatoes are sprouting but the peppers haven't yet. I prefer to put them in omelets although a relish sounds good too.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi CJ .. We love peppers too. But do you know what I find ? .. the plants are actually so pretty .. I had some as house plants until that horrible white fly thing happened ..
Best of luck with them this year !

Cinj said...

Are you going to cut Peter's fingers off if he gets too close? LOL! Sorry, I just couldn't resist. That was too funny.

Melanie said...

Yummy peppers, my oldest daughter eats them as a snack, crunch, crunch, crunch.

Can't wait for it to be warm enough to plant them in the garden.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

What a great opening to your post. You had me, and I just giggled. I love peppers too and plant lots of them alongside the tomatoes. It's not time here yet, though.~~Dee

CJ said...

If Peter Piper picks my peppers I'll pepper his pelt with peat pellets! LOL!

Nancy~They ARE beautiful aren't they?

Dave~I'm still 58 days until frost free here so I think I've given them plenty of time to sprout, don't you?

Joy~You know I love me a pretty plant no matter what it's supposed to taste like! giggle...

Cinj~The above rhyme attempt was for you.

Melanie~I'm so impatient for warm weather I've begun sticking my head into the greenhouse just because it's warm and it smells like spring.

Dee~It's not planting time here yet either but it is seeding time. I can dream over my little seeds, can't I?

garden girl said...

Great post! I love peppers. Next to tomatoes, they're my favorite garden treat.

Cinj said...

HAHA! Very cute. I like the alliteration.