Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've been Tagged: 6 Unimportant Things About Me Me Me

Apple has tagged me for a little online game. Because I've been tagged I get to tell you 6 unimportant things about me. Believe it or not this is a harder challenge than I'd like to admit. Okay here goes:
  1. I have been a Girl Scout Leader for 6 years and was in Girl Scouts myself (when I was younger) for a total of13 years. Yikes! Thatsa longtime.
  2. I am a Choc-aholic! Hershey's Kisses, M&M's, Cocoa Puffs, Cakes, Brownies, Fudge, Hot Cocoa, Thin Mint Cookies, anything from Gertrude Hawke. That's my Top 10 List for Chocolate fixes!
  3. I love to play games. My husband does not. So everytime I get to visit with my parents we end up playing Phase 10 or Uno Attack.
  4. I am the Cupcake Queen of my kid's school. I love to search the internet for new cupcake ideas. I send an average of about 400 cupcakes to school each year!
  5. If I could move anywhere I would move to the Adirondacks! I make the 2 hour trip to the Adirondacks at least once a month with my kids. We pack a lunch and go hiking and spend time together. It's our family place and I'd move there in a hot NY second if I had the chance.
  6. I'm a wannabe writer. Did you guess? LOL. I have written a romance novel but have never had the nerve to send it anywhere.

  7. There that's 6 things about me that I'm sure you never wanted to know about me. Now who to tag?

Tag Your It: Joy & Anna

Have Fun!


Apple said...

If you can play contract rummy we'll have to get a monthly game together!

GardenJoy4Me said...

"Are you talkin' to ME? " .. I'm still shaking my head about the cupcake numbers .. my god woman.. that is amazing ..
I'm lucky .. or my hubby and son are lucky if I make a cake every six months !... now if it was a fudge thing .. I understand ..
I really have to do this ??? REALLY?

Anna--Flowergardengirl said...

Thank you! I'm up for it, but I'll do anything. I'm glad you told me though--I'm really new to this blogging. I'm going to go tell some real revealing things that cause a real stir.....stay tuned. You might want to bake a few more brownies for the affair...your are invited to come see me make a fool of myself.

Anonymous said...

I ate all the cupcakes!! You need to make more! I had posted an ugly pic of myself--but then thought it better to remove it. It was giving my puter fits--lol.

kate said...

That was fun - I love your cupcakes! They are adorable.

I was in Girl Guides (the Canadian version of the Girl Scouts - for almost the same number of years. Camping was the best part!