Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Gardening Fairytale

Once upon a time a pretty flower blossomed in a pretty little flowerbed. The villagers watched over her and tended to her every need. They were so grateful to be blessed with such beauty. Then one day a cool autumn breeze began to blow from across Lake Ontario. It chilled the pretty little flower and she knew she must hide her beauty away. So she faded and she fell. The villagers who had gazed upon her loveliness with such joy were saddened by her retreat and they cursed the cool breeze. The breeze grew angry and vengeful. It vowed to punish the villagers for their foolishness. And so on one cold wintery Monday the cold breeze had it's revenge!
The villagers regretted their angry curses at the cool autumn breeze! And they promised that if they could enjoy spring once more they would be more friendly to the autumn breeze next year. At least they would try. As for the pretty little flower...she still sleeps...Happily Ever After! (until spring).


Anna --Flowergardengirl said...

Here in the South, she's inching out of the ground to see if it's ok to make her grand entrance. She is only up out of the ground about 2 inches---but she is coming back!!!

jodi said...

Oh, this looks so familiar, although today, we're blessed with glorious sunshine--and galeforce winds. I'm watching the snowdrift build up under the clothesline birdfeeder, where soon the birds will be able to just stand and eat without having to fly up to it!

Frances said...

Gale force winds here in TN, but no snow, hopefully rain! Our princess of a flower, the daylily, are peeking out with fresh green to begin growing above ground again. Yea!

Frances at Faire Garden