Monday, February 11, 2008

Little GreenThumbs

Being a Mom to three makes me always on the lookout for new and unusual gardening products that might help them to enjoy gardening the way that I do. So as I explore the world of online garden stores I am always pleased when I find garden sites that are as dedicated to young gardeners as to older ones.

HortiKids is a fun and educational site. They offer unique kid friendly containers, gloves, tools and topiaries. My personal favorite! The topiaries are fun shapes that any kid would love to begin gardening with.
Kidsregen is a great site for the kids to navigate through themselves! It's fun and easy to view. The motto of this site is: Healthy Soil~Healthy Bodies~Healthy People. I love that they show everything from yoga moves to Healing Herb Windowsill gardens. How cool!

Garden Mosiacs offered by Cornell focuses on the science behind the growing! It goes in depth into composting, interplanting for pest control, soil texture. It's a really educational site that is ideal for the "tweens" who still loves to play in the dirt.

Center for Ecoliteracy while not technically a site for kids it is still a site that (in my opinion) every parent should visit. They're "Rethink our Lunch Programs" is definetly a step in the right direction to help our children understand the importance of healthy food.

And finally who doesn't love Butterflies? On this site you can learn just about everything you need to know about our favorite garden visitors!

There is nothing more fun than gardening with your children or grandchildren but if that just isn't possible right now...(due to snow, bitter cold, an endless winter, etc.) then researching the web together can be a great way to get excited about gardening. I hope you have as much fun on these sites as my family and I did.

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Great post ! .. I don't have any little ones (son going on 28 .. still at home .. a whole generation "STILL at HOME" !) haha
But I love the ideas .. the wire form of a cat is catching my eye !LOL .. It is a wonderful event to have kids really enjoy getting close the the earth and nature !