Saturday, February 2, 2008

Digital Gardener

Right now, I have no visible garden. I can imagine where my lovely new beds are but unless I dig through feet of snow I won't see them for a long time. So instead I spend hours online looking for gardening ideas or pouring over idea books or checking my mailbox for seed catalogs. So much desire and yet so little dirt! Today, I intend to sit at my kitchen table with my garden journal and my graph paper. Why not spend these cold wintery days planning and plotting until I can do the digging and the mulching. With three easy steps I can get a jumpstart on my spring chores.

Step 1: Using my digital garden photos I can find weak spots easily. It's easier to spot where there is color lacking, where the height isn't quite right, or where a plant isn't thriving like it should be. Also black and white copies of your garden photos will point out where the garden needs more texture or an architectural element.

Step 2: Tape tracing paper to the top edge of the photos to create an overlay. Write plant names and any additions onto tracing paper.

Step 3: Use graph paper to plot out your gardens in relation to your house. Use a second sheet to begin adding your 2008 projects to your landscape.

1 comment:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Ok .. I'm laughing here .. this is a wonderful idea to plan in a more orderly fashion !
I have an Olympus SP-550 UZ .. I graduated from my other Olympus before Xmas .. very naughty to get a present before the actual event .. BIG sigh .. but I love it ..
I can't imagine trying to take pictures the old way .. waiting for ages to get it processed .. let alone all the "duds" ? I would be throwing out .. this is so much better ..

I have to keep reading and stop replying ! haha
Joy : )