Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Secret Love: Daylilies

My daughter came to me today with my wedding album in hand (something she does quite often). As usual, she pleaded, "Tell me a story about this..." Despite having my hands in dishsoap at the time I said OK. We sat down together and were soon paging through the album. As I reminsced and she listened intently my eyes were drawn to my bouquet.

I remember as hubby and I planned our wedding he wanted a June wedding but I gently nudged him into an August wedding. I had a secret desire for my wedding day. Only one person knew of my secret desire: My Mom. I remember the day Mom and I visited the florist (the only florist for 35 miles). How excited we were to purchase flowers for such a happy event. We spent the usual amount of time pouring through her pictures before deciding on a very simple round bouquet. Then began the discussion I'd been waiting for: FLOWERS! I smiled at the florist and said, "I want the orange daylilies found along the roadside to be the main star of my bouquet." Immediately, I could sense that she was less than pleased with my announcement. "Dear," she said condescendingly, "I'm not sure that's possible. After all, those are daylilies." The young me still didn't understand the problem so my mother said, "If it's an issue of you trying to find them we can deliver them to you that day." The florist said, "Mam, I'm sure YOU understand that daylilies just don't make good bouquet flowers. They wilt so quickly. Besides, those ORANGE flowers will leave dust all over her dress. It will be positively ruined." I began to get emotional because those flowers had special meaning to me. As flowers often do. When I would visit my soon-to-be hubby I would travel down a road that was lined with these spectacular flowers. Just seeing their orange beauty reminded me of him, of us. Seeing how upset I was quickly becoming she said, "No. I just will not make a bridal bouquet with those roadside weeds!" Knowing I had no other affordable options I chose carnations & roses to fill my bouquet.

My flowers are my only wedding day regret. Had I been a bit older and a bit more confident in myself I would've argued with her. After all, the customer is always right. But I was young and unsure. Still, if that's my only regret...It doesn't seem that bad, does it? Besides I did end up getting my way because now my garden is filled with my secret desire. I've got big clumps of "those roadside weeds" strategically placed throughout my front garden beds. I've also begun collecting some of their "uptown" cousins. I love the beauty of these simple flowers but I also the love the idea that I have to treasure them today because tomorrow will be too late. It's a good motto for a garden and for a marriage.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Robinscabin !
Thank you for stopping at my blog and leaving a comment .. and YES ! It seems like years instead of months since I have been able to get a "garden FIX" ! .. I pour over last years pictures and convince myself my garden will look even better this year ..

I was so struck by your story of the orange daylilies .. it hit a nerve with me because when I was a newlywed .. here in Kingston actually .. my husband in the army, going to communications school .. we were always in AWE of those beautiful orange road side lilies !
We don't see them any more like that .. ok .. I'm admitting we are going on 31 years of marriage .. so yes .. 1977 was when we were married and lived here for a few months .. ouch ! LOL

I just had to answer back in connection with your admiration for those lilies .. I too have gone on many sprees with daylilies .. the more cultivated ones .. but I will never forget those beauties by the road (filled with ants I found out too ! haha) ..

Now I can have a look around you site too !
Thanks !
Joy : )

Apple said...

My garden started with "ditch lilies" that my sister got from someone at Gardening Friends. Two small pots have grown into a large, beautiful patch. I still don't know who they came from! I joined the club the year after and my garden exploded. I'm hoping to add more lilies this year. Brent & Becky's catalog has some I'd like to try and who knows what will be available at the plant exchange this year! I may have some extra red storm if you want to try them.

Anonymous said...

My name is Daye. My mother named me after the orange road side lillies. She actually went into labor (with me) while bending over to pick the beautiful lillies out of a ditch bank. She sends me lillies for my birhtday. I too want to have orange daylilllies at my wedding. Your story was touching.