Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Veggie Virgin

During the past 8 years my family has been focused on building our log home and then we focused our efforts on landscaping around our new cabin. Last year was a great year for our flower beds. We were given an amazing variety of plants from some very generous friends and gardeners. It took our planting beds from looking like year 1 to being established and vibrant! And so now, I will admit that I have never had a Veggie garden before. Yes...I'm a Veggie Virgin!

But I've been inspired by all the veggie garden bloggers such as Carol's lovely & organized veggie garden and other websites such as Daily Weeder. And by Chris the Gardener as she gets excited over the arrival of the Johnny's seed catalog. I also received my Johnny's catalog and my Territorial Seed Catalog yesterday which immediately sent me from excited to PANICKED! I have no clue what I'm doing! I'm positive that I need to only order the least amount of seeds they offer. But I know nothing about varieties of corn or onions or anything. My hubby and I aren't big tomato fans (I know it's practically sacreligious) so I don't think I'll attempt them this year. Same with Peas. But I'm dying for really great green beans like I used to have out of my mother's home garden.

I love my raised flower beds and have heard great things about raised veggie beds but...I have no idea what I'm doing. My mother says not to bother will all the fuss of a raised bed because veggies don't need all that. Ofcourse, that's what she says about my flowerbeds too! So I will gather my graph paper. I will research the internet. I will make a decision and I will order my seeds. And by the end of the 2008 growing season I will no longer be a Veggie Virgin! I hope....


GardenJoy4Me said...

I am almost a veggie virgin .. I have grown tomatoes in pots with cages (sounds like lion taming ? LOL) .. and I have attempted pumpkins, being a Halloween NUT that had to be .. but I have not been all that successful ? .. so my raised beds are flowers and evergreens .. but I think you have the right idea .. raised beds are easier and I think you will be spot on with the veggies !
Post what you are going to grow ? of course you will ! haha

Tina said...

It's ok! You'll do fine!
And yes, you're right, raised beds are much better (I think).
Don't your seed package directions.
Here's something that is a great help:
Grow Guide
If you also browse around that site a bit, there is tons of other helpful info on each veg.
Honestly, it's very easy and you'll be eating out of the garden before you know it. The biggest thing? - have fun and don't stress!

robbinscabin said...

Awesome site! Thanks for the encouragement, girls!