Monday, February 18, 2008

FREE Roses?

Roses for Valentines Day? Nah! Hubby and I agreed long with roots only! So how did these long stemmed beauties end up beautifying my kitchen? Well...

It was Saturday afternoon and less than 24 hours to the biggest smack talking event of the year. With desperation we found the nearest Wal-Mart and then Sam's Club. Preparations needed to be made! As we scavenged the stores for much needed supplies we came up empty handed! Whatever would we do when the family came and we had naught to offer except Soda and Beer. On our way out of Sam's Club (with our measly purchases) the receipt checker posted at the door asked if we'd like a flower. There was a wide variety of flowers featured in store bouquets. So I asked my oldest daughter if she'd like one. Can you guess what she answered? She was handed (to my surprise) a lovely long stemmed rose. And then the girl took the time to find a thornless rose for my 3 year old daughter. Who immediately cried out, "Now, I'm like a Barbie Doll!" By this time a rather long line had formed behind us so she got quite the chuckle.

But I had no time for all this cuteness! I am on a mission and I mustn't be thrown off track. So with one more stop at a grocery store I was ready! Of course, now it's 9 o'clock at night and I've less than 15 hours to prepare.

On Sunday morning, I awoke bright and early. I began cutting, chopping, mixing, grilling, baking. Hours passed as I frantically threw together recipe after recipe. Finally the family arrived. You could tell that it was going to be a tense day as the smack talk started early! As we ate Ranch Ham salad in Kaiser Roll bowls and munched on chips with 3 types of homemade dips the teasing continued. And finally the moment of truth was here: Time to drop the Green Flag. As Darryl Waltrip says so well, "Boogity Boogity Boogity, Let's go Racing, Boys!" And it just so happens that my team had the pole position. Go Lowes! (We built our log cabin by hand but whatever we needed to buy came from Lowes. Gotta stay loyal to my favorite company.) Ah, but that happiness was not to last for me as the Lowes Car ran into trouble all day long ending with getting spun down into the dirt. My father and oldest daughter were rooting, cheering, crying for Junior all afternoon. Hubby watched the Jim Beam car (he's loyal to his favorite company too~heehee) as it had a decent start to the race season. And my mother was thrilled that Bobby Labonte wasn't involved in any wrecks.

Not even a pace car could've slowed down the good natured verbal bashings that continued throughout the race. With homemade pepperoni and chicken wing pizzas for dinner it was the perfect family fun day! Aside from the roses there was no talk of gardening or anything flower related. My "accidental forcing" bulbs are doing well. I think I'll have a couple beautiful spring containers. No yesterday Green didn't stand for flowers, eco-friendly, or gardening instead it stood for Green Flag Racing.


GardenJoy4Me said...

I hadn't been back for a while and wow ! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area and have such wonderful privacy .. and .. loads of area to go garden crazy !
That is great to have your kids so involved too .. the roses, they looked like "Blossomtime" one of the climbers I'm putting in this year .. such a pretty pink !
It took me a while to figure out that it was car racing you were talking about .. DUH ? haha .. not a sport fan .. well, you have to like hockey to be Canadian eh !
Smores .. camp fires .. I am so jealous again .. I love burnt marshmallows on a stick .. and now I am craving them .. BIG sigh !
Great posts CJ !
Joy : )

robbinscabin said...

Ohhh...You're so nice! Hubby's family comes from Canada and he loves hockey! Otherwise he doesn't get into sports. I'm the Nascar nut. I just put in the fire garden in August but we loved it last year. Thanks for stopping by.

Tina said...

Ah, now I'm with your Dad and your oldest.
He's sooo gonna kick butt this year. (erm... I should hold up on the smack-talkin' so early in the season, eh? lol)
Besides, he's HOT in jeans! You ever take a good look at that butt?

robbinscabin said...

I'll admit that he posesses certain charms...However I must continue on in my hopes for another Lowes Championship.